The SMP 106, A 100% GREEN RIG

The SMP 106, A 100% GREEN RIG

The Vélizy geothermal site in Paris region, which was completed in the first quarter of 2021, was an opportunity for SMP to develop a first-rate technological development: the connection of the RIG to the electrical grid.

As part of our energy efficiency and carbon emission reduction projects, SMP has opted to invest in an MV / LV power station to supply its drilling rigs with electrical grid. This power station has been sized for the different Meduim voltages (MV) transported in France (15V & 20KV). It has been built for use on the various SMP’s drilling rigs currently operating in France.

This power station allow our drilling rigs to have several advantages :

- Comply with noise constraints nearby to building, by eliminating the noise emitted by diesel engines.
- Saves several thousand liters of fuel oil and eliminates dangerous gas emissions from diesel engine as CO and Nox.

SMP has opted for energy efficiency in the manufacture of these latest drilling equipment. SMP 103, 104, 105 and 106 drilling rigs are equipped with the latest generation known as high efficiency equipment.