Geothermal Energy

Leader of the French geothermal drilling contractors

Expert in Geothermal Energy

Present in the geothermal well maintenance sector (workover) since its creation in 1998, SMP has also positioned itself on the new well drilling market in 2012.

Having drilled nearly 40 wells in the Paris subburbs, Aquitaine and Alsace regions over the past 10 years, SMP is the leading drilling contractor in the French geothermal industry.

SMP's expertise in geothermal energy is also reflected in the use of modern equipment, whose characteristics aim to reduce noise impact and land area, and to eliminate any risk of pollution thanks to effluent collection. Zero environmental impact, as well as the use of drilling techniques that protect the environment (use of totally biodegradable drilling products and mud and recycling after waste treatment) is also at the heart of SMP's concerns.

In order to offer a global service to its customers, SMP has a wide range of equipment (cooling tower, discharging basins, reinjection pumps) and has integrated drilling mud expertise into its activity.

SMP has been present in geothermal energy since its creation in 1998 in the maintenance of geothermal wells and has accelerated its desire to become a major in geothermal energy in France since 2012 by positioning itself in the drilling of new wells. SMP is proud to accompany ENGIE on its drilling projects by proposing innovative technical and technological solutions enabling ENGIE to develop geothermal projects in ultra urban environments close to their customers.

Fabien Lemesnager, SMP General Director.